Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter to Brad Henry-The Governor of Oklahoma

This is a letter I sent to the Governor of Oklahoma, and I am going to be sending it to the Oklahoma Attorney General, the district Attorney in Texas co., the Mayor of Guymon, the Oklahoma State Police, NCMEC, the Department of Justice, and anyone else I can think of! I am just getting started! You wanted it this way. I have given you and Donald every opportunity to resolve this. ARE YA READY??? I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I SEE MY CHILDREN!! I am also considering calling the local Guymon paper and local TV news to see if they are interested in an abduction story that happened in Guymon's own back yard. The letter to the Governor has been sent and I will know when you read this and have proof you read it!!

Dear Mr. Henry,
In 1997 my children Ronald and Shelby Cornett were abducted from my home in Kalispell, Montana with the help of one of your states residents at the time. They were taken to Guymon, Oklahoma where they have been hidden from me ever since. The following things have occurred since their abduction:
1. I have been denied any and all contact with my children over the past 13 years.
2. The mother of my children, Jodi Rae Ross/Griffing a resident of Guymon, Oklahoma has abused your court system to sabotage my paternal rights as their father. She willfully withheld evidence, knowingly misinformed the court and its officers in numerous proceedings to gain custody and change the last names of my children. She said that I had no interest in my children which is not true. She hid them from me!
3. She, Jodi Rae Ross/Griffing and Donald Wayne Griffing has now cut off all communication with the Cornett Family.
4. Jodi, no longer has primary custody of my children herself. The man, Donald Wayne Griffing, who stole them does.
5. Jodi, continues to threaten, harass and obstruct me access to my children to this day.
6. I believe after extensive research that she fits the criteria of a Obsessed Parental Alienator.
7. Jodi, presently willfully admits to intentionally destroying and denying me any relationship with my children. In essence she denigrates me.
8. The most important item of all is my name has been removed from their birth certificates and they have been denied their rightful family heritage.

From what I have read regarding the Oklahoma state laws pertaining to custodial interference, child stealing and kidnapping I believe Jodi and Donald have violated at least one law. My goal here is to hold them accountable for the wrong they have done and re-establish a relationship with my children who I love and were taken without my knowledge and without my consent.

My only alternative is spending 10's of thousands of $$ in a civil venture and is an action which I will reserve until my children mature and reach an age of 18. So that the mental and emotional anguish they will incur will be minimal.
Another avenue I have considered is overturning their misinformation in their court proceedings one by one. Which would be expensive, long, tedious and my children would probably reach 18 years before the proceedings are concluded.

It sickens me to know that someone can take children, run thousands of miles away, and hide them in your state making it so difficult for an average man and so expensive to challenge anything they do. In general I find it hard to believe someone can take their children without the other parents permission, run across the country with them, make up whatever stories suit their agenda and not be held accountable. If this is the case our country seriously needs to look at the laws pertaining to child abduction, child kidnapping and any other laws that are ignorant of this reality.

This is reality for me. I have lived with this for 13 1/2 years. And no one can even come close to imagine the pain and suffering that goes with having your children taken and never knowing what happened to them. What little information I do gather sickens me and all points to Jodi and Donald's denigration of me. This is clearly Parental Alienation at its best. Sincerely, Ronald Cornett